Operator Questions

Considering becoming an operator and having a gaming machine or vending machine in your venue?  There are many issues to consider based on your requirements and the type of premises you have. There are also many legal issues to consider with very stringent rules laid down by the UK Gambling Commission which we have an obligation to make you aware of. In addition to the legal requirements, certain machines are subject to the Machine Games Duty (MGD) which is a basic form taxation enforced by HMRC. Please check out our handy FAQ below and call us if you any more questions.

Do I need a licence to operate a machine?

There are four types of licence that business owners may need.

an operating licence
a personal management licence
a personal functional licence
a premises licence (from your local licensing authority).

If you provide facilities for remote gambling (online or through other means), and advertise to consumers in Britain, you will need a licence from the Gambling Commission.Local licensing authorities also provide lottery registrations and gambling permits for pubs, clubs and other establishments for low-level gambling.

To find out more, visit the UK Gambling Commission website


What type of machines can you use?

Gaming machines are separated into different categories and the type you are able to use will depend mainly on your venue, each type of machine will have a different prize and maximum stake availability. All machines will be subject to the appropriate operating licence.

You can find more information here at the UK Gambling Commission website.


Do I have to pay tax on my takings?

Yes sadly so although this doesn't apply in all circumstances. We now have a system called MGD (Machine Games Duty) which is duty of excise on machine takings, essentially applicable if a machine offers a cash prize. However not all machines are covered and the government website will advise of specific types which are not taxable.

If you pay MGD, you will no longer be liable to pay VAT on your takings as this new system has replaced the previous excise system of AMLD + VAT.

To find out more click here


Where can I operate a gaming machine?

The venues that we currently rent machines to include -

Pubs, clubs, private members associations, social clubs, holiday parks, leisure companies, arcades and temporary venues/events. This is not an exclusive list and we are happy to supply our equipment to any venue providing they are registered and licensed to operate.

Is there a code of conduct I have to follow?

Yes there is a very important code of conduct that all machine operators and suppliers are expected to closely adhere to. The Licence conditions and codes of practice set out the requirements you must meet in order to hold your operating licence and your personal licence.

It is a very important part of running your business and should not be ignored. The industry changes constantly and new legislation is often introduced which will effect the conditions laid out in the LCCP. It is therefore important that you subscribe to the LCCP newsletter or check the website for rule changes.

To download the latest LCCP document (effective 4 April 2018) please click below


I want to operate some gambling machines, can you help me get started?

As one of Kent's longest established companies, we are indeed perfectly placed to help you and more than happy to do so.

We are able to provide an initial consultation to assess your suitability and legal eligibility to operate. We can then further advise on the correct forms to submit for your operating licence and how to approach your local authority for the venue license.

We are also happy to conduct an audit and profit forecast allowing you to make the decision as to the right machines for you.