We only supply the most up to date, safest and highest standard of equipment available and we strive to ensure that our enviable reputation for excellent customer service and aftersales support remains consistently high. We are a specialist machine supplier throughout Kent which means we understand the added value fruit machines can bring to pubs, clubs, bars and other venues. Our service offers entertainment for your customers as well as an added revenue source. Across the UK fruit machines generate businesses around £200 million every year so why not become part of this!

We can supply the following categories of gaming machines and will only supply the appropriate machines in accordance with your venue licence and gaming licence.

Category B3 Machines - Maximum £2 stake - Maximum £500 Prize
Category B3a Machines - Maximum £2 stake - Maximum £500 Prize
Category B4 Machines - Maximum £2 stake - Maximum £400 Prize
Category C Machines - Maximum £1 stake - Maximum £100 Prize

Option 1 - Rental

This option gives you a fixed weekly or monthly rental cost for your machine. You keep 100% of the money brought in by the machine and you can easily build the rental costs into your budget.This option is perfect for businesses that get high rates of play on their machines. The more players you have the more money you make. NO LONG CONTRACTS, FLEXIBLE AND AFFORDABLE.

Option 2 - Revenue Share

Our revenue sharing gives you a great machine at no initial cost. Quality Amusements deliver and install the machine at no cost to you and you simply pay a percentage of the revenue the machine earns to us. This is a great option for any business owner who wants to try a machine for the first time or add a new machine without the worry of added costs.
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